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We care about the environment. 

Using Sugarcane Waste

Through its eco-friendly range, Mintra has found a great substitute for paper products made from trees… Bagasse!

So what is Bagasse? Let’s start with the easy stuff. It's pronounced /bə-gas/.

What is it? Bagasse is a plant fiber. More specifically, it is the dry pulpy fibrous residue that remains after the production of sugarcane. So in a word, it is bio-waste. And this means that trees are being saved. Remember, using green products made from bagasse means more trees for us all to hug! 

Say NO to Single Use Plastic Bottles

We all know that drinking our recommended daily intake of 8 glasses of water is important, but what we use to drink it out of is just as important. Drinking plastic bottled water is something we are all guilty of. But did you know it takes at least up to 1,000 years for a SINGLE plastic bottle to decompose? Yup, it’s pretty bad.

So what can we do? Switch to reusable bottles. Reduce, reuse and refill!

Did you know all Mintra bottles are made from Tritan, a BPA free plastic that is safe, durable and long lasting?

The Health Benefits of BPA Free Plastic Products

Our water bottles are not the only BPA free products we offer! But what exactly is BPA? BPA stands for Bisphenol, an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics. If it is present in plastic products, it has been found to sometimes leak into food or beverages which can lead to some pretty major health concerns.

That was a lot, we know! But don’t worry, we offer a solution. BPA free plastic products get rid of this chemical from its material meaning it’s safe for you to use.

All Mintra plastic products are BPA free that can be used for years! We offer a wide variety of BPA free plastic products from popcorn bowls to plates to trays and pitchers! And many more.

Oh and they’re microwave and dishwasher safe too. You’re welcome! 

Recyclable Materials

All our plastic products are made from safe recyclable materials. This means that all the items can be reused or recycled when you no longer have a use for it.

Reuse, recycle, and ultimately reduce landfill waste! Let’s save the environment!