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6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy While Social Distancing

6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy While Social Distancing


Schools are closed, we're all cooped up at home. If you're stuck at home with bored and frustrated kids, here are six fun ways to keep them busy.

1. Start an indoor or outdoor garden

Things are gonna get cramped real fast, so let your kids start their own garden and introduce some greenery into everybody’s lives. This can teach your kids how to be responsible, let them try to grow and take care of the plants themselves. Get them a gardening set. We have a wide range of plant pots in different shapes, colors, and sizes, let them pick their favorite colors. As well as matching watering cans and gardening tools

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2. Write Letters

No not e-mails or texts, letters. Old fashioned handwritten letters. Write a letter to your grandparents, school friends, or even someone you haven’t heard from in a while! Social distancing can be boring, and this can help your kids improve their writing skills. So, break out the stamps, envelopes, pens and paper and get writing.


3. Have an indoor picnic

Grab whatever food you have, and enjoy a living room picnic (without the ants). This can be a fun way to spend some time with your kids and create new memories.

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4. Creative writing

It’s good to take a break from TV and the internet and get their minds flowing. Encourage creative writing, let their imagination take over. Encourage them to write their own stories. Get your kids new books specifically for this purpose.


5. Baking

Baking can be a science lesson (let's talk about how yeast works) or a math lesson (what's a quarter cup plus a half cup?) or a reading lesson (read all the ingredients on the recipe).

Create memories with your kids! Use our kitchenware products to bring fun and color while baking.

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6. Family movie nights

You’re all stuck at home, and if you have a teenager you know how rare this is. So take this chance to have family movie nights with your kids. Instead of everyone off in their own rooms on their respective devices, start movie nights and bring everyone together. Most importantly, don’t forget the snacks! Snacks always taste better when they’re in a bowl. Check out our snack bowls in all different colors.

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Hopefully this will help you keep your kids entertained. Stay safe!

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